Summary of Experience


Since 1964, Mr. Binns’s practice has involved complex and multi-district litigation with an emphasis on jury trials. His experience in federal and state trial and appellate courts is extensive.

The following is a partial list of cases in which I served as lead or co-lead counsel: Bird v. Penn Central, 313 F. Supp. 320 (E.D. Pa., Oct 13, 1969) (No. Civ. 38724); 334 F. Supp. 255 (E.D. Pa. 1971); 341 F. Supp. 291 (E.D. Pa., April 21, 1972) (No. Civ. A. 71-358); 351 F. Supp. 700 (E.D. Pa. 1972) 61 F.R.D. 43 (E.D. Pa., Nov 08, 1973) (No. Civ. 71-358); (insurance class-action); Bogosian v. Gulf Oil Corp., 561 F.2d 434 (3d Cir. 1977) (antitrust class-action); Woland et al. v. Caplan et al., (C.A. 74-995) (E.D. P.A. 1974) (civil rights); C.I. Realty Investors v. Huang, C.A. No. 78-343 (appeal No. 79-1672)(E.D. Pa. 1978) (securities class-action); Richardson v. Hamilton International Corp., 62 F.R.D. 413 (E.D. Pa. 1974) 469 F.2d 1382, 333 F. Supp. 1049 (securities class-action); Pollack et al. v. Sun Company, Inc. et al., C.A. No. 78-1594 (E.D. Pa. 1978) (securities class-action); Sley v. Jamaica Water & Utilities, Inc., C.A. Nos. 70-2974 and 75-1171 (E.D. Pa. 1975) (securities class-action); Queeny/Corinthos, Consol., C.A. Nos. 75-273, 75-364, 75-1285, 75-2110 (E.D. Pa. 1975) (admiralty); Sauquoit Fibers Co. v. Permatwist Co. & Leesona Corp., C.A. No. 75-1066 (E.D. Pa. 1975) (patent); Hodge v. Paoli Memorial Hospital, 433 F. Supp. 281 (E.D. Pa. 1977), 576 F.2d 563 (3rd Cir. 1978) (civil rights); Omega Auto Systems, Inc. v. Westinghouse Electric Corp., C.A. 76-88 (E.D. Pa. 1976) (antitrust); Walck v. American Stock Exchange, Inc. & New York Stock Exchange, Inc., C.A. No. 77-140 (E.D. Pa. 1977) (securities class-action); Philadelphia Eagles v. First Pennsylvania Bank et al., C.A. No 78-1499 (E.D. Pa. 1978) (antitrust); Russell v. Tecce, 451 F. Supp. 585 (E.D. Pa. 1978), aff’d, 591 F.2d 1336 (3rd Cir.1979) (fraudulent transfer); D.F.S. Const. Co. v. First Pennsylvania Bank, N.A. & Harte Biltmore Ltd., 729 F.2d 1446 (3rd Cir. (Pa.), Feb 03, 1984) (construction contract); Rohm & Haas Co. v. Costle, Administrator EPA, C.A. No. 78-6 (E.D. Pa. 1978) (trade secret); Kirch v. Superior Court of the State of Delaware, C.A. No. 80-589 (D. Del. 1980) (civil rights); Rohm and Haas Co. v. U.S.E.P.A., 651 F.2d 176, 18 ERC 2128, 11 Envrtl. L. Rep. 20, 857 (3rd Cir. Pa., May 26, 1981) (No. 81-1757) (trade secret); General Machine Corp. v. Phillips Industr., C.A. No. 81-5187 (E.D. Pa. 1981), (contract); Taylor and Anderson Towing and Lighterage Co. v. Seafarers Intern. of North America, Atlantic, Gulf, Lakes, and Inland Waters Dist., 1986 WL 1543 (E.D. Pa., Jan 31, 1986) (No. Civ. A. 85.4SO2) (labor); Castle v. Cohen, 840 F.2d 173 (3d Cir. (Pa), Feb 11, 1988) (No. 87-1662, 87-1669, 87-1677) (fraud); Tenaglia v. Cohen & Psychiatric Hospitals of America Inc., C.A. No. 83-1814 (E.D. Pa. 1983) (RICO); Municipal Publications, Inc. v. Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, 507 Pa. 194, 489 A.2d 1286 (Pa. Mar 27, 1985) (No. 124 E.D. 1984, J-14-1985) (libel); DeAngelis v. Baker et al., 241 Pa. Super. 591, 360 A.2d 630 (1976) (breach of contract); Curran v. Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc., 497 Pa. 163, 439 A. 2d 652, 7 Media L. Rep. 2513 (Pa. Dec 22, 1981) (No. 244 Jan. Term 1979) (libel); Zinman v. Buckley Broadcasting Corporation, C.A. No. 71-2483 (E.D. Pa. 1971) (libel); Penna. Liquor Control Board v. Herman Brothers, Inc., 92 Pa. Commw. 196; 498 A.2d 1017 (1985) (licensing); In re Jones, 505 Pa. 50, 476 A.2d 1287 (1984) (political); Building Service Emp. Itern. Union, Local 252 v. Schlesinger, 440 Pa. 448 269 A.2d 894, 75 L.R.R.M. (BNA) 2493, 64 Lab. CAS. p 11, 223 (Pa. Oct 09, 1970) (labor); Gelman v. Philadelphia Port Corp., 119 Pa. Commw. 15, 546 A.2d 723 (Pa. Commw. Aug 19, 1988) (No. 228 C.D. 1988) (labor); Signorino v. Barron et al., 348 Pa. Super. 638, 501 A2d. 296 (1984) (harassment); Grode v. The Mutual Fire Marine & Inland Insurance Co., No. 3483 C.D. 1986, Commw. Ct. Pa. (D&O insurance coverage); Foster v. Mutual Fire, Marine and Inland Ins. Co., 154 Pa. Commw. 356, 623 A.2d 928 (Pa. Commw., Mar 24, 1993) (No. 3483 C.D. 1966 (ET); (D&O insurance coverage); Superior Beverage Co. v. Schweppes (U.S.A.) Ltd., 1988 WL 46601 (E.D. Pa. May 3, 1988) (No. Civ. A. 87-3641) (antitrust); Travelers Insurance Company et al. v. General Refractories Company 1986 WL 6217, *1 (E.D. Pa.) (insurance coverage); General Refractories v. Amer. Mut. Liability Ins., 678 F. Supp. 104 (E.D. Pa. 1987), (declaratory judgment); General Refractories Co., v. Travelers Insurance Co., C.A. No. 88-2250 (E.D. Pa. 1988) (“trigger of coverage”); World Cup 90 Italy v. Mundicorp & International Sports Consultants, Inc., C.A. No. 90-1043 (E.D. Pa. 1990) (Lanham Act); Burns v. Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Co., C.A. No. 90-3856 (E.D. Pa. 1990) (insurance class-action); Smith v. Industrial Valley Title Ins. Co., 957 F2d 90, 60 USLW 2547 (3d Cir. (Pa.), Feb 24, 1992) (insurance); Petronelli v. Collins & Eastwood, C.A. No. 91-10999T (D. Mass. 1991) (breach of contract); Continental Bank v. Voight, (C.A. No. 80-1476)(U.S. D.C. E.D. Pa. 1980)(contract); Reliance Steel Products Co. v. Kentucky Electric Steel Co., (No. 79-2555) (E.D. Pa. 1979) (contract); Hill et al. v. Underwriters at Lloyds London et al., (C.A. 71-508)(E.D. Pa. 1971)(insurance contract); William L. Day et al. v. Underwriters at Lloyds of London, (CA. No. 71-619) (E.D. Pa. 1971) (contract) Mourraille, Inc. v. Skopbank, C.A. Nos. 91-391 and 91-395 (D.V.I. 1991) (limited partnership dispute) Brener v. Hill, Wallack et al., Mercer County, New Jersey Superior Court, 1991 Docket No. L 11425 (law firm break-up); Kushner Promotions v. Momentum Promotions et al., Index No. 92-30878 (S.D.N.Y. 1992) (contract-interference); Andrews et al. v. American Telephone and Telegraph Co. et al., C.A. No. 191-175 (S.D. Ga. 1992) (wire fraud class-action); Sikes et al. v. Teleline, Inc. et al., C.A. No. 692-147 (S.D. Ga. 1992) (wire fraud class-action); and Harper et al. v. American Telephone and Telegraph Co. et al., C.A. No. 192-134 (S.D. Ga. 1992) (wire fraud class-action); B. Ray Thompson, Jr. et al. v. Glenmede Trust Company et al., 2003 WL 1848011 (C.A. No. 92-cv-5233) (E.D. Pa. 1992) 56 F.3d 476, 32 Fed.R. Serv. 3d 889, 23 Media L.Rep. 2036, (breach of fiduciary duty); DiDomenico et al. v. Reminick Aarons & Co., Hudson County, New Jersey Superior Court, 1992 Docket No. L-000400-93 (accountant’s malpractice); Huegel v. Delaware River Port Authority et al., New Jersey Superior Court, Chancery Division, 1993 Docket No. C-0050-93 (bid rigging); Stallone et al v. Fagan et al., (USDC, E.D. Pa.), Docket No. 94-CV-4021 (libel); Crabtree v. Academy Life Insurance, Co., 878 F. Supp. 727, 730-31 (E.D. Pa. 1995) aff’d, 106 F.3d 384 (3d Cir. 1996); C.A. No. 96-1265 (3d Cir. Dec. 30, 1996) (breach of contract); Marley v. Roberts et al., (USDC, S.D.N.Y.), Docket No. 93 CIV 8846 (breach of contract); Shingles & Cappelli v. Union Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 97-6848 (M.D. CA 1997) (tortious interference); Maleski v. Evanston Insurance Co., 154 Pa. Commw. 356, 623 A.2d 928 (1993), 535 Pa. 516, 636 A.2d 627 (1994) (D&O insurance coverage); Sonny Gale v. Sylvester Stallone et al., (USDC, S.D.NY), Docket No. 91 CIV. 3467 (fraud); Norris v. Morgan, Lewis and Bockius, (C. C. P. Chester County) Docket No. 93-08323 (legal malpractice); Richardson et al. v. Anglo-American Insurance Company, (USDC E.D. Pa. 1995) (D&O insurance coverage); Anglo-American Insurance Company et al. v. Emil J. Molin et al., 670 A.2d 194 (Pa. Commw. 1995), (interpleader – insurance coverage); Anglo-American Insurance Company v. Richardson et al., 673 A.2d 986 (Pa. Commw. 1996), (declaratory judgment – insurance coverage); Black v. Wells Fargo Guard., (ATL-L-001500-94 NJ Supp. Ct. 1994) (age discrimination); Blank v. Tampa Westshore Hotels, Inc. et al., (USDC, M.D. Fl), No. 95-1086 CIV T-23E, (wrongful death/products liability); Jan Gouza et al. v. Imperial Casualty and Indemnity Insurance Co. et al., (C.C.P., Phila. County), December Term 1994, No. 2602 and (C.C.P., Phila. County), December Term 1995, No. 2368 (legal malpractice -insurance coverage); Estate Of Nikola Skrbich, (C.C.P., of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, Orphans’ Court Division, No. 264 of 1996) (will contest); Mike Tyson v. Don King et al., (USDC, S.D.NY.), Docket No.98 CIV. 1628 (breach of fiduciary duty); Foodarama Supermarkets et al. v. Allianz Insurance Company Group et al., C.C.P. of Philadelphia County No. 98-001138 (class-action); Emerita T. Gueson, M.D. v. Richard L. Huber et al., C.A. No. 98-1903 (E.D. Pa. 1998) (RICO and Title VII); Maio et al. v. Aetna, Inc. et al., C.A. No. 99-1969 (RICO); In re McKesson HBOC, Inc. Securities Litigation, C.A. 99-CV-20743 (N.D. Ca. 1999) (securities class-action); SEC v. Smeraski et al., C.A. C-01-3651 MJJ (N.D. Ca. 1999) (accounting fraud); Merrill Lynch Fundamental Growth Fund, Inc. et al. v. McKesson HBOC, Inc. et al., (Superior Court of San Francisco County CGC-02-4-5792) (securities fraud, RICO, accounting fraud); Perna v. United States et al., U.S.C.A. No. 01-3051 (3d Cir. 2002) (civil rights); Fraser et al. v. USA Cycling Development Foundation et al., C.A. 02-09173 (E. D. PA. 2003 (contract); BrokerageAmerica, LLC v. Burlington Capital Markets, Inc., C.A. No. 600024/2003 (Sup. Ct. New York Cty.) (injunction); Royal-T, Inc., et al v. Guilty Boxing, Inc. et al., CV-S-03-0374-JCM-LRL (D.Nev. 2003) (contract); X-tra, Inc. v. Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, C.C.P. of Philadelphia County No. 030700517 (extension of liquor license); Tapp Investment Company, Inc., et al. v. STAR Stream Corp., et al., (C.C.P., Phila. County), February Term 2004, No. 001209 (breach of fiduciary duty); East End Company Real Estate, Inc., et al. v. Mark Bojanowski (C.C.P., Phila. County), May Term 2002, No. 0765 (contract); Edwin B. Mishkin v. Philip Gurian, et al., U.S.D.C. S.D.N.Y., Case No. 95-08203; In Re: Adler, Coleman Clearing Corp., Case No. 97-Civ. 03817 (bankruptcy fraud); Commerce Bank/Harrisburg, N/A v. Tri-State Mobile Home Professionals, Inc., et al., C.C.P. Cumberland County, No. 04-1882 (bank fraud); Clofine Dairy Products, Inc. v. Pamela Jeffery, et al., Superior Court of New Jersey), Docket No. ATL-L-1779-05 (trade secret); Princeton Insurance Company v. Threshold Sports, LLC, (CCP, Montgomery County), No. 05-01690 (workers compensation insurance); John R. DePhillipo v. Genelink, Inc., Superior Court of N.J., Docket No. ATL-L-7479-05 (breach of contract); John R. DePhillipo v. Robert P. Ricciardi, U.S.D.C. E.D.P.A., C.A. No. 05-cv-5906 (TJS) (tortious interference); Castle Cheese, Inc. v. Willard Jacobs and Kantner Group, Inc., C.C.P. of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, No. 11156-05 (breach of contract, tortious interference, civil conspiracy); Castle Cheese, Inc. v. Sadler and Kantner Group, Inc. C.C.P. of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, No. 10363-06 (breach of contract, tortious interference, civil conspiracy); Blue Valley Foods, Inc. v. Durrett Cheese Sales, Inc., U.S.D.C. E.D.Tenn. No. 4:05-cv-00106 (CLC) (breach of contract, non-compete); E.I. DuPont DeNemours and Company v. Interplast, Inc., U.S.D.C. of Delaware, Civil Action No. 05-588 (SLR) (trademark); O’Neal v. Blue Valley Foods, Inc., Case No. 4:07CV3004 (U.S.D.C. D.NE); Commerce Bank/Harrisburg, N.A. v. Tri-State Mobile Home Professional, Inc., et al., C.C.P. Cumberland County; No. 04-1882 (bank fraud); Hudson v. Blue Valley Foods, Inc., Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission, NEB 1-05/06-2-36602-R (discrimination); Timoney, et al. v. Upper Merion Twp., et al., U.S.D.C. E.D.P.A. No. 2:01-cv-01622 (JTG) (attorney disqualification); New Jersey Sports Productions, Inc. d/b/a Main Events v. Panos Eliades, et al. Case No. 06-CV-1509 (U.S.D.C. S.D.N.Y.); Dines and English, LLC v. Don King Productions, Inc., C.A. No. 05-5352 (U.S.D.C. D.N.J.) (JAB) (interpleader); Tankanow v. Rivera, et al., Worcester Superior Court of Mass., C.A. No. 06-0775A (contract); Ademek v. Don King Productions, Inc., C.A. 06-CV-1895 (U.S.D.C. S.D.N.Y. 2006 (Howell, J.) (contract); Binns v. World Class Boxing, LLC and Lauer, U.S.D.C. E.D.P.A. No. 2005-04820 (contract).

I successfully defended the World Boxing Association (“WBA”) in 29 cases involving, inter alia, questions of substantive and/or procedural due process under the United States Constitution: Claude Noel v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 81- 968 (D.N.J. 1981) (Brotman, J.); Butch Lewis Productions, Inc. v. World Boxing Ass’n et al., C.A. No. 82-1370 (D.N.J. 1982) Dan Duva v. World Boxing Ass’n, 714 F.2d 121 (3d Cir. 1983); Equal Employment Opportunity Comm’n v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 84-411-PMP (D. Nev. 1984) (Pro, J.); Muhammad Ali v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 84-3778 (D.D.C. 1984) (Penn, J.); Marvin Hagler v.World Boxing Ass’n (I), C.A. No. 85-0077-G2 (D. Mass. 1985) (Layton, J.); James Kinchen v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 85-3979 (D.N.J. 1985) (Fisher, J); Davey Moore v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 85-7471 (N.Y. Sup.Ct. 1985) (Callahan, J.); Torres v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 87-0029 (D.P.R. 1987) (Perez, J.); Marvin Hagler v. World Boxing Ass’n (II), C.A. No. 87-372-K (D. Mass. Apr. 1, 1987) (denied preliminary injunction), aff’d, C.A. No. 87-1245 (1st Cir. 1987) (Keeton, J.); David Wolf v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 87-1795 1987 WL 10033 (S.D.N.Y., Jun 21, 1987) No. 87 Civ. 1795 (Keenan, J.); Tim Witherspoon v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 87-1489 (S.D.N.Y. 1987) (Greisa, J.); Iran Barkley v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 87-7113 (S.D.N.Y. 1987) (Sprizzo, J.); Lind et al. v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 88-653 (D.P.R.1988) (Gierbolini, J.); Department of Recreation and Sports of Puerto Rico, ex rel. Puerto Rico Professional Boxing Comm’n v. World Boxing Ass’n, 942 F.2d 84 (lst Cir. (Puerto Rico), Aug 21, 1991) (Nos. 90-2166, 90-2167, 90-2168); Equal Employment Opportunity Comm’n v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 88-4366 (S.D.N.Y. 1988) (Keenan, J.); International Boxing Fed’n v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 88-2578 (D.N.J. 1988) (Wolin, J.); Evander Holyfield v. World Boxing Ass’n , Passaic County, New Jersey Superior Court, 1990 Docket No. C 4790 (Salerno, J.); Don King Productions v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 90-1203 (S.D.N.Y. 1990) (Sweet, J); Mike Tyson v. World Boxing Ass’n, 1991 WL 415 71 (S.D.N.Y. Mar 18, 1991) No. 90 Civ. 8257 (Martin, J.); Evander Holyfield v. World Boxing Ass’n et al., Passaic County, New Jersey Superior Court, Docket No. C 189-90, 18T-199 0802 90 LU (Saunders, J.); John David Jackson v. World Boxing Ass’n et al., C.A. Passaic County, New Jersey Superior Court, Docket No. C-33-94, (Saunders, J.), C.A. No. 94-2694 (D.N.J. 1994) (Barry, J.); George Foreman et al. v. World Boxing Ass’n et al., Clark County, Nevada District Court, Case No.A336385, Dept. XIV, Docket No. T, (1994) (Mosley, J.); Orlin Norris et al. v. World Boxing Ass’n et al., Civ. A. No. 97-9824 (E.D. Pa. 1997) (Sapiro, J.); Lopez et al. v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 98-04680 (D.N.J. 1998) (Lifland, J.); Lennox Lewis et al. v. World Boxing Ass’n, C.A. No. 00-0889 (S.D.N.Y. 2000) (Kaplan, J.); James Page v. World Boxing Ass’n et al., C.A. No. 00-8716 (S.D.N.Y. 2001) (Pollack, J.); Top Rank et al. v. World Boxing Ass’n et al., C.A. No. CV-S-01-0482 (D. Nev. 2001) (Hunt, J.); Team Freedom Promotions, Inc. et al. v. World Boxing Ass’n et al., Broward County, Florida Circuit Court, Docket No. 01-016508 CA 07 (2002) (Williams, J.).

I testified before the United States Senate Select Committee on Investigations as part of its probe into corruption in professional boxing. See S. HRG., 102-1013, 102nd Cong., 2nd Sess. (Aug. 11-12, 1992). I also represented the WBA and Sylvester Stallone in those hearings. I testified before the U.S. Commerce Committee during hearings that resulted in the passage of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, Pub. L. No. 106-210 (2000). I conducted the largest purse bid in the history of boxing ($34,000,000) for the James “Buster” Douglas/Evander Holyfield title fight. In Drayton v. Petronelli, C.A. No. 84-5166 (E.D. Pa. 1984) (Ditter, J.) the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania appointed me to arbitrate a case which involved the interpretation of managerial contracts.

A substantial amount of my practice is related to “white-collar” criminal law. This includes a number of trials to verdict as well as counseling individuals subpoenaed to testify before state and federal grand juries. United States v. Cerchio et al. (Case No. 99-CR-1196) (RICO); United States v. Gurian et al. (Case No. 99-215-CR-T-23A) (securities fraud); New Jersey v. Olkus et al. (Case No. 95-03-0018) (tax fraud); U.S. v. Robert Mitchell, CR-S-01-301-PMP (LRL) (D. Nv. 2001) (sports bribery); United State of America v. Lyle Goodman, U.S.D.C. E.D.P.A., Criminal No. 02-440 (probation termination; United States v. Shamsud-Din Ali, et al., (Case No. 04-CR-611) (Racketeering); United States v. Joseph Logue, U.S.D.C. (Case No. 06-663) (Money Laundering); Commonwealth v. Ennis, MC 0403 5288 (2004) (attempted murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault) In United States v. Lederer, 692 F.2d 823 (2d Cir. 1982), cert. denied, 461 U.S. 961 (1983) (bribery, extortion), I defended United States Congressman Raymond F. Lederer in the FBI ABSCAM prosecutions. I also represented the Congressman before the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct in the United States House of Representatives. See H.R. Rep., No. 110, 97th Cong., 1st Sess. (1981).

In a rape case which I defended, Commonwealth v. Curry, C.C.P. Phila., Misc. No. 77-9-10391, I established that a Common Pleas Court had authority to expunge part of a criminal defendant’s record where all of the charges against him arose out of a single incident and the defendant was only convicted of one of the charges. I have also represented defendants in the following cases: U.S. v. Joseph Wesley (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 77-182)(EPA Violations); U.S. v. Francis Desmond (Income Tax Evasion); U.S. v. Frederick Boone (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 77-74) (Conspiracy to Transport Counterfeit Securities); U.S. v. Marvin Crump (E.D. Pa. Crim. No. 76-134) (Distribution of Narcotics); U.S. v. Larry J. Gray (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 70-620)(Bank Robbery); U.S. v. Robert Jewitt Fouche (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 71-293)(Bank Robbery, Conspiracy); U.S. v. Michael Francis McClatchy (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 71-469)(Bank Robbery); U.S. v. Garfield Harris (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 72-74)(Bank Robbery, aiding and abetting); U.S. v. Bruce Michaels a/k/a Franklin Butler (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 72-85) (Bank Robbery); U.S. v. Charles Fitzgerald (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 76-372) (Bank Robbery); U.S. v. James Ruffus Stidham (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 72-9) (Violation of Selective Service Act); U.S. v. Richard Kelvin Lawrence (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 70-432) (Violation of Selective Service Act); U.S. v. Jerome Clark (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 72-178) (Theft and Possession from Interstate Shipment, Conspiracy and Aiding and Abetting); U.S. v. Michael Joseph Berry (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 74-636) (Importing and Smuggling Narcotics); U.S. v. Gary Louderback 571 F.2d 573 (3d Cir. (Pa.)(Feb 22, 1978)) (Narcotics Trafficking); U.S. v. Merritt (Narcotics Trafficking) U.S. v. Garrison, 633 F.2d 209 (3d Cir. (N.J.) Sep 19, 1980) (Crim. No. 80-1339) (narcotics trafficking); U.S. v. Mortorano et al.; U.S. v. Boyce, et al. (narcotics manufacture); Commonwealth v. Curry (rape); U.S. v. Partow, 738 F.2d 426 (3d Cir. (Pa.), Jun 13, 1984) (insurance fraud); Commonwealth v. Hunter (robbery); George Achuff v. U.S.A., (E.D. Pa. 1976) (C.A. 76-3032) (habeas corpus); U.S. v. Black, (high jacking); Commonwealth v. Rodriguez, 256 Pa. Super. 582, 389 A.2d 201 (1978) (aggravated assault); Commonwealth v. Hipple (aggravated assault); Commonwealth v. McCall (drunken driving); U.S. v. Blank, (E.D. Pa. 1995) (No. 95-635) (perjury); and U.S. v. Robert Kinlaw, (E.D. Pa.) (Crim. No. 78-130) (illegal gambling); Commonwealth v. Daniel Maguire, (Recklessly Endangerment), Docket No. CR-0003098-2006.

I defended the following murder cases: Commonwealth v. Artiste, 219 Pa. Super. 703, 280 A.2d 386 (1971) (murder); Commonwealth v. Glover, 446 Pa. 492, 286 A.2d 349 (1972) (murder); Commonwealth v. Terry, 457 Pa. 185, 321 A.2d 654 (1974) (murder); Commonwealth v. Riley, 462 Pa.190, 340 A.2d 427 (1975) (murder); Commonwealth v. Presley, 270 Pa. Super.360, 411 A.2d 760 (1979) (murder); Commonwealth v. Murphy, 493 Pa. 35, 425 A.2d 352 (Pa. Jan 30, 1981) (No. 476) (murder). In Commonwealth v. Gee, 467 Pa. 123, 354 A.2d 875 (1976), 81 Dick. L. Rev. 192 (1976)(murder), my position on the evidentiary ruling relating to impeachment ultimately changed the law in Pennsylvania. See Commonwealth v. Loar, 264 Pa. Super. 398, 399 A.2d 1110 (1979).

During my representation of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (“PFT”) (1979-1983), I was responsible for labor relations between the 20,000 member union and the School District of Philadelphia. My responsibilities included every aspect of contract negotiation and the prosecution of litigation involving enforcement of labor contracts. Thomas v. Philadelphia Fed’n of Teachers, 62 Pa. Commw. 286, 436 A.2d 1228, L. Ed. Law Rep. 316 (Pa. Commw., Oct 29, 1981) (No. 2484 C.D. 1981, 537 C.D. 1981); Philadelphia Fed’n of Teachers Local No.3 AFT, AFL-CIO v. Board of Education of the School District of Philadelphia, 437 A. 2d 770 (Pa. Commw., Oct 12, 1981) (No. 1989 C.D. 1981). I conducted all civil and criminal litigation related to a massive strike, Commonwealth. v. Ridgway, 2147 Pa. Super. (1983), including: the successful defense of fifty-one (51) consecutive criminal actions brought against union members as a result of picket line violence; injunction actions brought as a result of the strike; personal injury actions brought in connection with allegations of violence on the picket line and elsewhere. The following is a partial list of the strike-related criminal cases which I successfully defended for union members: Commonwealth v. Melvin Driban, C.C.P. Phila., No. 81-09-1775 (Simple Assault 2701); Commonwealth v. Claire Toy, C.C.P. Phila., No. 81-10-1835 (Simple Assault 2701); Commonwealth v. Harvey Firestone, M.C. No. 81-07-0511) (D.C. No. 8118070511) (Criminal Mischief, Summary Level Offense); Commonwealth v. John Ridgeway, (M.C. No. 81-10-1007) (Simple Assault 2701, Conspiracy 903, Reckless Endangering Another Person 2705); Commonwealth v. Harvey Rosman, M.C. No. 81-10-1005 (Simple Assault 2701, Conspiracy 903, Reckless Endangering Another Person 2705); Commonwealth v. Michael Sylvester, Commonwealth v. Nicholas Perry, M.C. Nos. 82-03-0574 and 82-03-0575 (Criminal Mischief 3304)(Simple Assault 2701, Harassment 2709); Commonwealth v. Alvah “Jim” Smith, C.C.P. Phila., Nos. 81-11-1710 to 1713) (Simple Assault 2701, Aggravated Assault 2702, Reckless Endangering Another Person 2705, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct 5503); Commonwealth v. Susie Johnson, M.C. No. 81-09-1913 (Simple Assault 2701, Aggravated Assault 2702, Reckless Engangering Another Person 2705, Disorderly Conduct 5503); Commonwealth v. Jay Yosevitch, C.C.P. Phila., No. 82-02-9054 (February Term 1982, No.9054) (Simple Assault 2701, Harassment 2709); Commonwealth v. George Watkins, C.C.P. Phila., No. 82-03-4181 (Simple Assault 2701, Harassment 2709); Commonwealth v. John Schultz, C.C.P. Phila., No. 82-02-9278 (Simple Assault 2701, Harassment 2709); Commonwealth v. Richard Spina, C.C.P. Phila., No. 82-06-9048 (Simple Assault 2701, Harassment 2709, Conspiracy 903); Commonwealth v. Gary Forman, C.C.P. Phila., No. 82-06-9047 (Simple Assault 2701, Harassment 2709, Conspiracy 903); Commonwealth v. Lynda Rubin, M.C. No. 82-019170 (Simple Assault 2701, Harassment 2709); Commonwealth v. Thaddeus Walczak, M.C. No. 82-02-2850 (Simple Assault 2701, Harassment 2709); Commonwealth v. Lorenzo Dowell, M.C. No. 81-09-1913 (Simple Assault 2701, Disorderly Conduct 5503); Commonwealth v. Joseph Pizzo, M.C. No. 82-05-0053 (Simple Assault 2701, Harassment 2709); Commonwealth v. Shawn Henwood; docket No. CR-0000087-06 (Assault and Battery).  Each of the above trials resulted in verdicts of “not guilty”.

As part of my representation of the PFT I litigated hundreds of grievances before the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”); initiated actions in the Federal Courts to insure compliance with the civil rights of teachers; represented the PFT in actions brought on behalf of students with respect to their treatment by the School District of Philadelphia; argued appeals before the Secretary of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania involving tenure rights of PFT members; represented teachers with respect to competing seniority rights, breach of contract claims, due process of law, unemployment compensation and defended actions brought by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board against the PFT. Stein v. Philadelphia Fed’n of Teachers Local 3 AFT, AFL-CIO, 76 Pa. Commw. 381, 464 A.2d 606, 13 Ed. Law Rep. 344 (Pa. Commw., Aug 17, 1983) (No. 120 C.D. 1982); School Dist. of Philadelphia v. Twer, 489 Pa. 429, 447, A.2d 222, 5 Ed. Law Rep. 490 (Pa., Mar 11, 1982) (No. 361). I recouped over $12,000,000 in union benefits in Odgers v. Unemployment Compensation Bd. of Review, 514 Pa. 378, 525 A.2d 359 (1987) 32 Ed. Law Rep. 630 (Pa. Apr 04, 1986) (No. 773 E.D. 1985). I sued the School District of Philadelphia for improper suspensions and defended actions for contempt citations and suspensions for welfare fraud allegations. I defended the PFT’s position on the education of mentally retarded children. Penna. Ass’n of Retarded Children v. Commonwealth, 343. F. Supp. 259 (E.D. Pa. 1972); I successfully represented the PFT President in his battle for control of the Union. Philadelphia Fed’n of Teachers v. Richman, 308 Pa. Super. 634, 454 A. 2d 176 (Pa. Super., Dec 23, 1982) (No. 2025, 2026).

I have prosecuted and defended hundreds of tort cases involving products liability, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, automobile, train, gun and boating accidents, e.g., City of Philadelphia v. Love, 98 Pa. Commw. 138, 509 A.2d 1388 (Pa. Commw., Jun 12, 1986) (No. 1663 C.D. 1982); Hosch v. Mary-Jo Canavan, (C.A. No. 70-232) (E.D. Pa. 1970) (wrongful death); Lipshutz v. Ullman, 313 F. Supp. 320 (E.D. Pa., Oct 13, 1969) (No. Civ. 38724); Conti v. Ford Motor Co., 578 F. Supp. 1429, (E.D. Pa. 1983) cert denied, 470 US 1028, 105 S. Ct. 1396, 84 L.Ed.2d 784 (U.S. Pa., Mar 04, 1985) (No. 84-1129) (strict liability); Kaul v. Holiday Inns of America, Inc. et al., (C.A. No. 74-395) (E.D. Pa. 1974) (landlord liability); Keeney v. Hand Rehabilitation Center, Ltd. et al, (No. 1838) (1984); Feldman v. Holiday Inns of America, Inc., (C.A. 72-913) (E.D. Pa. 1972) (landlord liability); Janits v. Curry, (C.A. No. 95-1256) (C.C.P. Phila. 1995) (tort); McCloskey v. Conrail, Inc., (C.A. No. 0571) (C.C.P. Phila. 1996) (auto); Fagan v. Pandolfi, (C.A. No. 03918) (C.C.P. Phila. 2000) (gun); Fleming v. Fun City Amusement Park et al., (C.A. 00 CV 4366 JEI) (D.N.J. 2000) (premises liability); Mahoney v. Lopez et al., (C.A. No. 01-11239) (Sup. Ct. Kings Cty.) (personal injury); Ojeda v. Kolenovzc et al., (C.A. No. 28340/2001) (Sup. Ct. Bronx Cty.) (personal injury); Galati v. North Babylon Union Free Sch. Dist., (C.A. No. 0011001/2001) (Sup. Ct. Suffolk Cty.) (personal injury); Diaz v. Tomaio, (C.A. No. 0118011/01) (Sup. Ct. New York Cty.) (personal injury); Bogdon v. The City of New York et al., (C.A. No. 11241/2001) (Sup. Ct. Kings Cty.) (personal injury); Costas v. North Shore Univ. Hosp. at Manhasset, (C.A. No. CV-02-0680 (LDW)) (U.S.D.C. D.N.Y.) (personal injury); Massa v. City of New York, (C.A. No. 141391/2001) (Sup. Ct. Richmond Cty.) (personal injury); Galati v. Clark, (C.A. No. 15554/2002) (Sup. Ct. Queens Cty.) (personal injury); Vitale v. Orpheus et al., (C.A. No. 08637/2002) (Sup. Ct. Suffolk Cty.) (personal injury); Stovall v. Aller Enter., Inc., (C.A. No. 111788/2002) (personal injury); DeSena v. Pavel, et al, C.A. No. 05cv9540 (RMB) (U.S.D.C. S.D.N.Y.)(personal injury); Crystal Canty, et al. v. Morris Street Partners LLC, et al., Court of Common Pleas, Phila. County, February Term, 2004, No. 3703 (personal injury); Merle Simon and Stephen Simon v. Wyeth Laboratories, et al., (First Judicial District Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Civil Trial Division – June Term, 2004, No. 4229).

I represent plaintiffs in personal injury actions brought under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act. Jose H. Alustiza v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 97-9262 (FELA); Dan P. Balkey v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 97-9261 (FELA); Willie Barboan v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 99-0255 (FELA); Jay C. Bernard v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 99-0201 (FELA); Curtis R. Black v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 98-0984 (FELA); Ellwood Ellis v. Burlington Northern, Santa Fe Railroad, C.A. No. 97-3-2834 (FELA); Pedro Escamilla v. Burlington Northern, Santa Fe Railroad, C.A. No. 98-2-0040 (FELA); Alexander Gonero v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 98-0984 (FELA); Charles W. Hayes v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 99-01825 (FELA); George Hioureas v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, 97-4426 (FELA); John Marquez v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 99-01824 (FELA); Moises M. Serrania v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 99-0024 (FELA); Lawrence Tapia v. Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, C.A. No. 97-1463 (FELA); Anthony Zavala, Sr. v. Burlington Northern, Santa Fe Railroad, C.A. No. 98-3438 (FELA); Bell v. Luis Vladimir Lamboy, et al., (17th Judicial Circuit, Broward County, Florida); Case No. 0500431-04.

I serve as an expert witness in legal malpractice cases. I counsel attorneys with regard to legal ethics, disciplinary rules and represent lawyers seeking re-admission to federal and state bars. In re Robert F. Simone, C.A. No. 93-180 (2001). In the Matter of Robert F. Simone, No. 942 Disciplinary Docket No. 2, No. 64 DB 1993. I represent law firms in connection with the withdrawal and/or dismissal of partners and law firm break-ups.

I counsel members of the judiciary regarding judicial ethics and represent them in investigations and hearings before the Judicial Inquiry and Review Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (“JIRB”), See Judicial Inquiry and Review Bd. v. Snyder, 514 Pa. 142; 523 A. 2d 294 (1987); In The Matter of Julian F. King, 517 Pa. 417; 538 A.2d 473 (1988).

I represented The Hand Center at Jefferson University Hospital during an investigation by the Physical Therapy Licensing Board of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners v. Evelyn Jean Mackin, (No. 31-PT-7); In the Matter of the Suspension or Revocation of a License to Practice Physical Therapy, No. PT-D01021-L.

I have represented parties in over 50 domestic relations cases; cf. Commonwealth ex rel. Dyniewski v. Penske, 233 Pa. Super. 731, 339 A.2d 540 (1975); Commonwealth ex rel. Peditto v. Peditto, 217 Pa. Super. 741, 268 A.2d 189 (1970); Luongo v. Luongo, Pa. Super., Oct 1977 No. 657; Kavanagh v. Kavanagh, 522 Pa. 619, 563 A.2d 888 (Table) Pa. Jul 31, 1989.

I represented the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority defending real estate condemnation claims involving millions of dollars. That representation included appearances before the Board of View and jury trials in the Philadelphia Common Pleas Courts: In re 3337-41 Lancaster Ave., (C.C.P. Phila. County) December Term 1967 No.2; In re 3310 Arch Street, (C.C.P. Phila. County) December Term 1967 No.2; In re 5748 Pearl Street, (C.C.P. Phila. County) December Term 1968 No. 3; In re 5013 Funston Street, (C.C.P. Phila. County) July Term 1971 No. 2282; In re 3218 Mantua Street, (C.C.P. Phila. County) December Term 1971 No.2; In re 2017-19 N. 12th Street, (C.C.P. Phila. County) December Term 1971 No.4128.

I represented a national chain of radio stations owned by the Buckley Broadcasting Corporation, before State and Federal Courts, as well as the National Labor Relations Board.

I represented Burlington Capital Markets, Inc., a registered securities broker-dealer in NASD arbitrations: Miano et al. v. Burlington Capital Markets, Inc et al. (NASD-DR No. 02-01798, New York, New York); Aquarina Developments v. Burlington Capital Markets, Inc. (NASD-DR No. 01-05752, Tampa, Florida); Della Rosa et al. v. Burlington Capital Markets, Inc. (NASD-DR No. 02-03926, New York, New York); Fabio Pasquesi et al. v. Burlington Capital Markets, Inc. (NASD-DR No. 01-01831, New York, New York).

I have represented numerous sports figures including a number of world-champion boxers including: Michael Spinks (heavyweight), Matthew Saad Muhammad (light heavyweight), Jeff Chandler (bantamweight), Barry McGuigan (featherweight), Orlin Norris (cruiserweight), and Frank Bruno (heavyweight).

The National Sporting Club, London, England retained me to negotiate multi-million dollar contracts with Don King Productions Inc., in connection with world heavyweight championship bouts between Tim Withersooon and Frank Bruno (London, England 1986) and Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno (Las Vegas, Nevada 1989). I represented Eastwood Promotions, Belfast, Ireland in negotiations with Top Rank Inc. for the featherweight championship fight between Barry McGuigan and Steve Cruz (Las Vegas, Nevada, 1987). The above representations included negotiating site fees, international television rights and the boxer’s purses. The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino retained me to negotiate with Butch Lewis Productions, Inc. for a heavyweight title fight in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I represented heavyweight challenger, Jessie Ferguson when he challenged Riddick Bowe for the heavyweight championship. I negotiated a series of boxing shows with Madison Square Garden on behalf of Resorts International Hotel and Casino. I advised boxing promoters including: Banner Promotions, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Eastwood Promotions, Belfast, Ireland; Momentum Enterprises, New York, New York; National Sporting Club, London, England; Ramacor Boxing, Maracay, Venezuela; Teiken Boxing, Tokyo, Japan, Madison Square Garden, New York, New York; Harrahs Casino Atlantic City, New Jersey; The Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, New Jersey; Resorts International Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I have negotiated contracts on behalf of the Penske Corporation with the American Broadcasting Corporation (“ABC”). In the Matter of Two Penske Cars Ltd., I represented Bobby Unser and Penske Racing in successfully overturning a United States Automobile Club (“USAC”) ruling thereby reinstating Unser’s victory at the 1981 Indianapolis 500 mile race (“INDY 500”) which enabled him to become a “3 time INDY champion”.

1. Additional strike related criminal cases which resulted in “not guilty” verdicts for union members include: Commw. v. Wayne English; Commw. v. Lawrence Brown; Commw. v. Richard Schulang; Commw. v. Carol Adams; Commw. v. Alfred Niczyporwicz; Commw v. Agnes Nichols; Commw. v. Sylvester Dillard; Commw. v. Richard Junod; Commw. v. Ruth Anderson; Commw. v. Marc Miller; Commw. v. Arthur Jaffe; Commw. v. Gary Forman; Commw. v. Richard Spina; Commw. v. Zachary Rubin; Commw. v. Eric Weiner; Commw. v. Susan Cabasini; Commw. v. Elliot Florin; Commw. v. John Ridgeway; Commw. v. John Schultz; Commw v. Bruce Shanker; Commw. v. Shirley Malone; Commw. v. Jerry Brownstein; Commw. v. Mary Clancy; Commw. v. Edward Johnson; Commw. v. John Walsh; Commw. v. Daniel Longstretch; Commw. v. Alfred Spinner; Commw. v. Carl Beck; Commw. v. Julia Wimberly; Commw. v. Sidney Yoblick; Commw. v. Stephen Kilroy; Commw. v. Florence Campbell; Commw. v. Norman Bernstein; Commw. v. Frederick Grace; Commw. v. Norman Haeberle; Commw. v. Harold Moss; Commw. v. Martha Nedelman; Commw. v. Nicholas Perry; Commw. v. Theodore Mangos; Commw. v. Ferrie Crawford and Commw. v. James Moore.

2. A partial list of tort cases in which I have acted as counsel includes: Mark Kernan, et al. v. Joseph Tomasetti (Phila. Cty.); Benjamin Shore v. Finnegan & Kirkpatrick, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Aloysius Muczvski V. Maryland Tank Transportation (Phila. Cty.); Ruth Hirsh, et al. v. Anthony J. Szafran (Phila. Cty.); Thomas McLaughlin v. Catherine McCreight (Phila. Cty.); Francis J. Rensulli v. Sukonik Barrell, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Samuel Greene v. Monica M. Gangloff (Phila. Cty.); Eugene M. Basara v. J. Symons (Phila. Cty.); Kenneth Chamberlain v. Lester Meggett (Phila. Cty.); Gary E. Patterson v. Charles Warner (Phila. Cty.); Hester Dukes v. Heshel Griggs (Phila. Cty.); Charles Edwards v. Edward B. Johnson (Phila. Cty.); John Price, et al. v. Brooks Johnson (Phila. Cty.); Arthur Washington v. Mary Downs(Phila. Cty. ); Paul Faggioli, et al. v. Elizabeth Reilly (Phila. Cty.); Grady Wilson v. Allen Lee Mack (Phila. Cty.); Edward F. Pooler v. David E. Seflin (Phila. Cty.); Jesse Greenwood, et al. v. Rosalie Hatcher (Phila. Cty.); John P. Rudolph v. James A. Watson (Phila. Cty.); Charles Butler v. Clothilda Capone (Phila. Cty.); Anthony Carangi v. William Takasey, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Richard G. Preston v. Gustin Pennington, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Joselph D. Key v. Fred Cosenza (Phila. Cty.); Samuel Kapustin v. Howell Davis (Phila. Cty.); Pasqulae G. Litrenta, Jr. v. David Soifer, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Hezekiah Shipley v. Mainor and Marke (Phila. Cty.); Anthony Misticoni v. Michael Bincarousky (Phila. Cty.); William Hostetler v. Minnie Newman (Phila. Cty.); John Coraluzzi v. Lorenzo C. Goldmas (Phila. Cty.); Hilliard L. Boulware v. Gillette Hawkins (Phila. Cty.); Jean Brown, et al. v. Isadore Gelman (Phila. Cty.); Peter Nazarok v. Simon Dumoff (Phila. Cty.); Freda Milrad v. Thompson and Peckerman (Phila. Cty.); Harry Radel v. Lawrence Cadarelli (Phila. Cty.); Frank Meekins v. Walter Underwood (Phila. Cty.); Sedgewick v. Edwards (Phila. Cty.); Graybell’s Inc. v. Paul Conti Alum. Exp. Co. (Phila. Cty.); William B. Balknight, et al. v. Preston Bachus (Phila. Cty.); Smith v. Behlin and Snyder (Phila. Cty.); Leslie E. Sokol, et al. v. Beulah Everett, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Clarence Stokes v. Walter Stewart (Phila. Cty.); Donald R. Starks v. Herbert Washington (Phila. Cty.); Maurice Choder v. C.J. Contracting Co. (Phila. Cty.); Francis J. Grygo v. William J. Heenan (Phila. Cty.); Edith Awner v. John Pershia, et al. (Phila. Cty.); John H. Stevenson v. Richard Jones (Phila. Cty.); Frank Sims v. Margaret Esposito (Phila. Cty.); Luzzi v. Morgan (Phila. Cty.); John F. Wellbrock v. Donald Levy (Phila. Cty.); Milligan v. Jericho Motor Express (Phila. Cty.); Mayne v. Lewis (Phila. Cty.); Irving Briddell, Jr. v. John Geary, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Herbert Zibelman v. Edward R. Irons (Phila. Cty.); Taylor v. White (Phila. Cty.); Schaller v. Louis Lalli Music Co. (Phila. Cty.); Bisco Trucking Co.v. Johnson (Phila. Cty.)Marvin R. Pole v. Yellow Cab Co. of Philadelphia (Phila. Cty.); Ralph Carrelli v. Kenneth Grassmyer, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Robert Chisolm v. Geroge Rodgers (Phila. Cty.); Leon Schector v. Henry Winson (Phila. Cty.); Joseph M. Graham v. Edward J. Tolon (Phila. Cty.); Geroge Glaze v. Ralph C. Gale, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Thomas Schwartz v. Charles Auerbach (Phila. Cty.); Haywood Waters v. Robert Hooper, Jr., et al. (Phila. Cty.); William Feldman v. Marvin Caffie (Phila. Cty.); Frank Campbell, et al. v. Walter Saunders (Phila. Cty.); Mary Gross v. Ernest Carter (Phila. Cty.); Norman D. Smith v. James Beech, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Lucille Wormley v. Charles Coughlin (Phila. Cty.); Annie L. Drayton v. Haywood Colson, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Frank Avellino v. Sadie Harmon (Phila. Cty.); Harry Caplan v. Samuel Wexelblatt, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Nicandro Rossi, et al. v. Edward Sherman (Phila. Cty.); John J. Roddy v. Eldon Boettcher (Phila. Cty.); Martha L. Wood v. Bankers (Phila. Cty.); Julius Pressman v. Charles F. Williamson (Phila, Cty.); Virginia Alesi v. Korman and Sherard (Phila. Cty.); Jerome Josephs v. Rosalie Alson (Phila. Cty.); Edwin R. Concors v. Barry Litman (Phila. Cty.); Salvatore Pattini v. Helen L. Brown (Phila. Cty.); Nathan Litman v. Edwin R. Concors (Phila. Cty.); Frank Malove v. Otis Hatqrove (Phila. Cty.); Helen 0. Dickens v. Louis Gibbs (Phila. Cty.); Frederick C. Hohlt v. Atlantic Const. Co. (Phila. Cty.); Albert Session v. Samuel Schlessinger (Phila. Cty.); Daniel H. Hoffman v. Robert Gordon, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Mack C. Hicks v. Arthur Baiely (Phila. Cty.); Blanche Ferber v. Catherine Sinclair (Phila. Cty.); Samuel E. Goren v. Walter H. Weaver, Jr., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Jolynn Roberts, et al. v. Alice Donaldon (Phila. Cty.); Jean Antonescu v. Dorothea Dixon (Phila. Cty.); Daniel Gentile v. Edith Mogan (Phila. Cty.); Joseph Yodis, et al. v. Michael Renheimer, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Charles O’Neill v. Terrell E. Andrews, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Ronald Byrd v. Alan Neil (Phila. Cty.); Oscar Jones v. Odell Wilson (Phila. Cty.); Benjamin Levin v. Lewis DeSantis (Phila. Cty.); Ramon Carrero, et al. v. Herman Master (Phila. Cty.); Dozier Eaddy v. Katie Weaver (Phila. Cty.); Dillard Stratham, Sr. v. Bankers Insurance Group (Phila. Cty.); Anna H. Beckwith v. Alexander Grande, Jr., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Timmons and Cain v. Edward Narcavage, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Jeffrey Daniels v. Elia Gionta (Phila. Cty.); James F. Ralph v. Isaac Ordenker (Phila. Cty.); Hyman Wilderman, et al. v. Sidney Kutner (Phila. Cty.); Verda Michauz v. Freddie Mitchell (Phila. Cty.); Dolores Young, et al. v. Anthony Pasquarella (Phila. Cty.); Martin Axelrod, et al. v. Murray Chudnoff (Phila. Cty.); Gary Wells v. Louis Jackson (Phila. Cty.); Dennison & Graham v. Majorie Rice (Phila. Cty.); Ronald Nesmith v. Thurm and Clayton (Phila. Cty.); Samuel Mallick v. Louis Trefz, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Charles Amerman, et al. v. Edna Mayrant (Phila. Cty.); Arthur Picariello v. Lit Brothers, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Ruby Saulter v. Gross Metal Products (Phila. Cty.); Nicholas Talio v. Nicholas Degregorio (Phila. Cty.); Joseph DeFeo, et al. v. Russell J. Basiure (Phila. Cty.); John Lawson, Jr., et al. v. M.B.T. Trucking Co., Inc. (Phila. Cty.); June Bobrin v. Joseph D. Amico (Phila. Cty.); Paul D. Latorre v. Edward M. Markosky (Phila. Cty.); Charles R. Pearse v. Leonard A. Weiss (Phila. Cty.); Thomas L. Morris, et al. v. Robert Hawthorne, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Philip Borkofsky, et al. v. City of Philadelphia, et al. (Phila. Cty.); James Dunleavy v. Morris Poltenstein (Phila. Cty.); Nicholas Ciraolo, et al. v. Yellow Cab Co., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Marie Messini, et al. v. David Sofronski (Phila. Cty.); Thomas Labrosceno v. N. Tilli and Sons, Inc., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Barbara Whitfield, et al. v. Beatrice Gealt (Phila. Cty.); Jenkintown Dodge, Inc. v. Einberg & Lasman (Phila. Cty.); Lee Stewart v. Norman Sloane (Phila. Cty.); Samuel Ellis v. Marchal Stevens (Phila. Cty. ); Samuel Barnett Co. v. Ambrose Gaddie (Phila. Cty.); Herman Rubin v.Leon Katzen (Phila. Cty.); Manuel Horenstein v. Clementine DiBernardo Abrams (Phila. Cty.); Philip Shanker v. Vivian Hoesle (Phila. Cty.); Samuel Melnick v. Nancy B. Burneette (Phila. Cty.); Avran Cohen v. Irving Wadler (Phila. Cty.); William Moeller, et al.v. Emanuel Walker (Phila. Cty.); Jean Bursin, et al. v. Samuel Letizio (Phila. Cty.); Israel Douglas v. A. Pate, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Stephen E. McLoughlin, Jr. v. Charles Messa, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Charles Glassmire v. Michael J.Gornick (Phila. Cty.);Harriet Moscowitz v. Edward Levin, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Charles Taylor v. Frankford Metal Treating Service (Phila. Cty.); Gertrude Miller v. Julian Harbuzinski (Phila. Cty.); LeRoy McPhail v. Ralph B. Lee (Phila. Cty.); Abe Smolow v. Penna. Parts Warehouse, Inc., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Henry Cheafsky v. Dorothy Hermon (Phila. Cty.); Anthony Quintiliana, et al. v. Frankford Union Mutual Insurance Co. (Phila. Cty.); Chrostek & Bukowski v. Eileen Kaiser, et al. (Phila. Cty.); George Kramer, et al. v. Edward Robertson, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Louis Budilov, et al. v. Evelyn Small (Phila. Cty.); Fred Benjamin, et al. v. Rocco Parisi (Phila. Cty.); Tyrone Brown v. Robert Levins (Phila. Cty,); John Murphy, et al. v. Robert P. Levins, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Louis Lombardi, et al. v. William Leroy Paxon, et al. (Phila. Cty.); William Gruber, et al. v.Willaim Simipson (Phila. Cty.); Raleigh Williams v. Max Silver (Phila. Cty.); Michael Blight v. United Fuel Oil & Burner Co., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Ira Miles v. Karl Goldberg (Phila. Cty.) Jeanne Riffert, et al. v. James Helwarth, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Sabato Pagno v. Samuel Singleton (Phila. Cty.); Samuel Gordon v. Anson Jansen Fowler (Phila. Cty.); Tillie Goldstein v. Self Drive It Corp., et al. (Phila. Cty.); George Pitts v. John Stefanco, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Richard Ferebee, et al. v. Samuel Feldman, et al. (Phila. Cty.) Jacob C. Schuster v. Robert L. Shender (Phila. Cty.); Joseph S. Ancello v. Frank Pignatelli (Phila. Cty.); Mary Miller, et al. v. P.T.C. & Seneyko, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Maryetta Henderson, et al. v. Morris Fox (Phila. Cty.); G. Bonner v. Richard Bay, et al. (Phila. Cty.); City of Philadelphia v. Norman Weiser, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Irvin Glassberg v. Salvatore Iatorola (Phil. Cty.); Rita Silvestro v. Edward Nagele, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Jerome W. Brahin v. Mrs. William Benton (Phila. Cty.); Benjamin T. & Karessa W. Foldvary v. Harry W. Kendall (Phila. Cty.); Theodore Raymon, et al. v. Frank Davis (Phila. Cty.); Elmore D. Davis, et al. v. Stanley Parola (Phila. Cty.); Carl Abbonizio, et al. v. Joseph N. Brown, et al. (Phila. Cty.); John Emerick Jr., et al. v. Earl F. Hoffman (Phila. Cty.); Patrick v. Cashman v. Lawrence K. Baker et al. (Phil. Cty.); Florence Werner, et al. v. Harry Monoker, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Lawrence Coren, et al. v. Peter Palumbo (Phila. Cty.); Paul Stellato v. Jerome Faust (Phila. Cty.); Edward Levy, et al. v. Harry Nanes, et al. (Phila. Cty,); Edyth Grabov v. Leon Cohen (Phila. Cty.); Thomas Whittington, et al. v. Gustav A. Dannecker, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Erdell Jackson v. Moe Goldsmith, Ind., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Chester W. Koscinski v. C.R. Coroneos (Phila. Cty.); John C. Blue v. Macrnolia Jeter (Phila. Cty.); S. Daniel Linker, et al. v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. (Phila. Cty.); Leon Crumpton v. Sandie McClain (Phila. Cty.);Orlando J. Spina v. James Stokes, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Patricia Harrington, et al. v. Wall Cartage Co., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Helen C. Dripps v. Philip Haughey (Phila. Cty.); William E. Kearney, et al. v. George Groeber (Phila. Cty.); James P. Kolea v. Philip Martin (Phila. Cty.); Frank Spadora, et al. v. Yellow Cab Co., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Elizabeth Jones v. Herman Meritz, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Carrie Prince, et al. v. Frank Delcorio, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Leo E. Markovits, et al. v. John Haughy, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Nettie D. Hall, et al. v. Isabel Dahl Parks, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Iris Oliver, et al. v. Richard Hark (Phila. Cty.); Harry Mathers v. James Cheri (Phila. Cty.); Howard Babitt, et al. v. Arlene Friedman (Phila. Cty.); Lilliam Artis, et al. v. Dorothy G. Latney (Phila. Cty.); James Caldwell, et al. v. Hyman & Abraham Katz & Sidney Waldman (Phila. Cty.); Charles Lovelace v. Robert Barrett, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Mark R. Guest, et al. v. Ned Kaplin (Phila. Cty.); David Wright, Jr. v. Charles I. Silcott (Phila. Cty.); James J. Edmunds, et al. v. Herman Johnson, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Sylvia I. Recheweg, et al. v. Zelma Walker (Phila. Cty.); Paul Salvatore, et al. v. Michael S. Pascussi, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Ancrelo Reale v. Michael Marcus (Phila. Cty.) Joseph Richardson, et al. v. Yellow Cab Co., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Paul McRaey v. James Platt (Phila. Cty.); Berte Sticker v. George Byrne,et al. (Phila. Cty.); Francis C. Browing, Jr. v. Charles L. Lee, Jr. (Phila. Cty.); John Beerbower v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. (Phila. Cty.); Norman Sprintz v. Theodore Korolishin, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Allan Ostroff v. Michael Checkoff (Phila. Cty.); Robert T. Williams v. Walter Cramp (Phila. Cty.); Victor DaLoio v.Rinaldo Luciani (Phila. Cty.); Yvonne Stephanie Burnett v. J. Winrow Henderson (Phila. Cty.); Catherine Jagiello, et al. v. William F. Donnelly (Phila. Cty.); Margaret Mary Kowalski v. Grace Sokitis, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Wm. H. McKenzie v. Joseph Bryant (Phila. Cty.) Raymond Klein, et al. v. Nationwide Insurance Co.(Phila. Cty.) Thomas J. Clegg, Jr. v. Venis Horton (Phila. Cty.); William Franklin v. Evans Trans. Co. (Phila. Cty.); Alan Steinberg v. Anna Bereson (Phila. Cty.); Ralph Divito v. Aubrey N. Moss (Phila. Cty.); Norman Burke v. Martin Yanoff, et al. (Phila. Cty.); William Rodgers v. Robert McConagle, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Martin Glauser v. King Motor, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Remo & Montana Saselli v. Rodger Kraft, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Charles Zutz v. Samuel Tissian (Phila. Cty.); Schiavi & Cosentino v. William J. Sprague, Jr. (Phila. Cty.); Jessie Seastrunk v. David Leon Pearl (Phila. Cty.); Howard Shelow v. Todd Marc, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Rufus Harris, et al. v. Leonard Rosendorff (Phila. Cty.); Philip Spinelli, et al. v. Natale Branca, Jr. (Phila. Cty.); George Stewart, et al.v. John Pattison, et al. (Phila. Cty.) Marcu & Skoboloff, et al. v. James E. Johnson, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Tommy L. Dickerson v.Nationwide Insurance Co. (Phila. Cty.); Willaim J. Patrone v. Anthony Leone, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Aaron Smith v. Vincent J. Sherlock (Phila. Cty.); Robert Allan v. Richard Robbins, et al. (Phila. Cty.) Mary Scanlon v. Alex A. Mulawa (Phila. Cty.); Dinerman, et al. v. Yellow Cab Co., et al. (Phila. Cty.) John Harrington v. Nationwide Insurance Co. (Phila. Cty.); Russell D. Taylor v. Re Nu It Cleaners & Dryers, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Leon Pittmon v. Rocco Del Conte (Phila. Cty.); Filbert Catanoso, et al. v. Walter Kroll (Phila. Cty.); John C. Marth Williams. et al. v. Theresa L. Green (Phila. Cty.); Joselph Hofkin v. Blanche Weissman (Phila. Cty.); Samuel Strause v. Phillip J. Boscarel (Phila. Cty.); Murray Abrams, et al. v. Northeast Dodge, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Thomas E. Murray v. John Stapinski (Phila. Cty.); Clarence Young v. Myer Thomas (Phila. Cty.); Rebecca Bostick, et al. v. Archer W, Venable, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Joselph A. Clark v. Philadelphia Transportation Co. (Phila. Cty.) Frank Mawhinney v. Vincent Franciso, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Samuel H. Shrope v. Eastern Express, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Joseph Rizzo v. Joseph F. Wasniewski (Phila. Cty.); John W. Jones, Jr. v. Alfred Sulpizio (Phila. Cty.); Samuel Bor, et al. v. Kathleen Anne McGonigle (Phila. Cty.); Warren Bernhardt v. City of Philadelphia, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Constance C. Clinton v. John Meehan, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Lonny Ciavardone v. Helen R. Cacchio (Phila. Cty.); Jerome J. Ostro, et al. v. Walter Tapscott, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Louis Morris v. Marvin G. Leon (Phila. Cty.); Harry J. Willis v. Edith B, Stotz (Phila. Cty.); James Loughlin, et al. v. James G. Ford, et al. (Phila. Cty.); William Foreman, et al. v. Martin Ellis et al. (Phila. Cty.); Eugene Pepe v. Leonard Wasserman Co., Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Lillie Mae Parker v. Kragro, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Larry Johnson v. Bargain Merchandise Mart, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); S. Frank Laveson v. Samuel Betesh (Phila. Cty.) Ruth Wells v. Boscul Coffee & Tea, Inc., et al. (Phila. Cty.) Mark Goodsby v. Renee Wolf (Phila. Cty.); Joseph B. Ansill v. Mergen, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Reba Davis v. Stenton Diner, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Rae D. Henry v. Ronald Beckman, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Willliam Schwartz, et al. v. Regal Tyson Theatres, Inc., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Victor McLean v. Philadelphia Housing Authority (Phila. Cty.); Paul Goodman, et al. v. Shop Rite (Phila. Cty.); Linda Koitz v. Crest Benner Theatres, Inc., et al. (Phila. Cty.) Alex J. Allen v, Willai, Goldman Theatres, Inc. (Phila. Cty.) Clara Levine, et al. v. Shop-Rite (Phila. Cty.); Peggy Thomas Harris v. James Regan, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Paul Hegh v. Paul J. Kosemipel, Jr., et al. (Phila. Cty.); Charles H. Walton v. Stanley Kralewski (Phila. Cty.); Thomas Ivins v. Jack Singer (Phila. Cty.); Joselph F. Lowder v. M. & S. Tool and Machine Co. (Phila. Cty.); Irving E. Jaffey. Joseph A. Cadora (Phila. Cty.); A. Robert Familetti v. John Pelzer (Phila. Cty.); P.Y.C. v. Albert M. Raub, et al. (Phila. Cty.); David Levin v. L.D. Guv (Phila. Cty.); Linda Taylor, et al v. Phyllis Thomas (Phila. Cty.); Milphia Nichols v. John L. Newkirk (Phila. Cty.); Samuel Gayman v. R. C. Cummings (Phila. Cty.); Michael A. Gallelli v. Murphy Plywood Co. (Phila. Cty.); Frank Braucci v. Joseph Hange, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Abraham Albert, et al. v. Arthur Dorfman (Phila. Cty.); Deborah Gilberg v. Helen Stolker, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Charles Bates, et al. v. Rita Kushinsky (Phila. Cty.); Joselph Cordery v. Charles Ownes, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Reather Wilson v. Anna Fields (Phila. Cty.); Carol Stukes v. PTC and Smiths Transfer, Co. (Phila. Cty.); George Koffs, et al v. Republic Insurance Co. (Phila. Cty.); Joseph Einhorn v. Roy Lightfoot (Phila. Cty.); Wakefield and Trautwein v. Faye M. Ewing (Phila. Cty.); Peter Monzo v. Joseph Acuri (Phila. Cty.); Willaim H. Kuehn v. Frank Wolf & Co. (Phila. Cty.); Walter E. Kostyk, et al v. Harry Berman, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Morris Mozocont v. Edward Schwartz (Phila. Cty.); Violet Peak v. Sidney Lavner (Phila. Cty.); Joseph Thomas v. City of Philadelphia, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Ann Kaiser v. Irving Halbert, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Sara Kronick v. Leonard Wasserman & Co. (Phila. Cty.); Jules Shapiro, et al. v. The Pub, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Herman Elman, et al. v. City of Philadelphia, et al. (Phila. Cty.); James Seton Kingston v. Lillian Baraff (Phila. Cty.); Richard Ola Baderinwa, et al. v. Samuel Link (Phila. Cty.); Sophia Kosow v. Andrichyn & Schnabel, Inc. (Phila. Cty.); Daniel Latham v. Oliver S. Black, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Isaiah Freeman v. Alfred Viner (Phila. Cty.); Leon M. Siegel v. Hauzy Snead (Phila. Cty.); Emile Owaller v. Christopher Blocker (Phila. Cty.) Allan Gomer, et al. v. Donald Raivitch, et al. (Phila. Cty.) James Vena v. Frankford Union Mutual Insurance Co. (Phila. Cty.); Anna Marie Marandola v. Palumbo’s Cafe, Inc. (Phila. Cty.) Albert Mariani, et al. v. Warren Edelson (Phila. Cty.); The Hertz Corp. v. David E. Seflin (Phila. Cty.); Joseph S. Scaricaciottoli v. Herbert Fleig (Phila. Cty.); Bailey v. Follmer Trucking Co. (Phila. Cty.); Joseph Amoroso v. City of Philadelphia, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Rose Glazier v. Louis Tarshish (Phila. Cty.); James Lawrence v. Herman Fisher (Phila. Cty.); Altenburger & Perillo v. William H. Norman (Phila. Cty.); Ingrid Jackson, et al. v. James Moore, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Joseph Evans v. James J. Burns (Phila. Cty.); Gary Wertheimer, et al. v. Chudnow & Nathan Wertheimer (Phila. Cty.); Richard G. Williams v. Horace N. McGraw, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Ernest Jones v. Francis Flanaqan (Phila. Cty.); Williams, et al. v. Charles Smith, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Simon & Kayen v. John T. McHugh, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Cordell S. Ross, et al. v. Lawrence Martino (Phila.Cty.); Carl Crawford, et al. v. Saleff, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Raymond J. Keough, et al. v. Joseph Greenstein, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Hale, Simms, Chambers and Pierce v. Davenport & Joseph Ernest (Phila. Cty.); Helen Cooper, et al. v. Charles Fisher (Phila. Cty.); James R. Johnson v. Thomas Passcerini, et al. (Phila. Cty.); Anita Woodward v. David Shinder (Phila. Cty.); Rossevelt Gibson, et al. v. Timothy Clayton (Phila. Cty.); John J, Comey v. Frederick W. Peterman (Phila. Cty.); and Wilheim F. Schmidt v. Angelo Rudio Adamese, et al. (Phila. Cty); Eric Peterson v. William Daniels (Phila. Cty.); Mary Lou Thorne v. Coleen Sue Kelly (Phila. Cty.); Frances P. Johnson v. Coleen Sue Kelly (Phila. Cty.); Raymond Nocella v. Keystone Ins. Co. (Phila. Cty.); Raymond Nocella v. Hertz Co. (Phila. Cty.); Chrysa McKelvey v. Paul Santangelo (Mtgy. Cty.); Helken Axel v. Septa (Phila. Cty. ); Moran v. Wilson (Mtgy. Cty.); Lankes v. Waller (Phila. Cty.); Froio v. Keller (Mtgy Cty.); John and Mary Thorne v. Jefpak, Inc., d/b/a Sixty-Ninth Street IGA (Phila. Cty.); Gadzdzik v. Dech (Bucks Cty.); Pender v. Ferguson (Mtgy. Cty); Campbell v. Ferguson (Mtgy. Cty.); Cobaugh v. Boylan (Del. Cty).

3. A partial list of divorce cases in which I have acted as counsel includes: Amsterdam v. Amsterdam (Mtgy. Cty.); Bell v. Bell (N.Y.); Bergese v. Bergese (N.J.); Boudreau v. Boudreau (Mtgy. Cty.); Bradshaw v. Bradshaw (Mtgy. Cty.); Cavanaugh v. Cavanaugh (Phila. Cty.); Chandor v. Chandor (Bucks Cty.) ; Curran v. Curran (Mtgy. Cty.); Currie v. Currie (Phila. Cty.) ; Curry v. Curry (Phila.Cty.); Dilsheimer v. Dilsheimer (Mtgy. Cty.) ; Discher v. Discher (Phila. Cty.); Donahue v. Donahue (Del. Cty.); Donahue v. Donahue (Phila. Cty.); Epstein v. Epstein (Phila. Cty.) ; Friehoffer v. Friehoffer (Phila. Cty.); Gabriele v. Gabriele (Phila. Cty.); Gallagher v. Gallagher (Phila. Cty.); Gamble v. Gamble (Phila. Cty); Hagerty v. Hagerty (Bucks Cty.); Hartzell v. Hartzell (Lancaster Cty)Docket No. 2005-01675; Horan v. Horan (Phila. Cty.); Hunter v. Hunter (Mtgy. Cty.); Ives v. Ives (Mtgy. Cty.); Keane v. Keane (Mtgy. Cty.); Lloyd v. Lloyd (Mtgy. Cty.); Luongo v. Luongo (Phila. Cty.); Maguire v. Maguire (Phila. Cty.); McGinley v. McGinley (Del. Cty.); McVaugh v. McVaugh (Phila. Cty.); O’Malley v. O’Malley (N.Y.); Penske v. Penske (Mtgy. Cty.); Pew v. Pew (Mtgy. Cty.); Poole v. Poole (Chester Cty.); Rease v. Rease (Mtgy. Cty.); Robinson v. Robinson (Chester Cty.); Rogers v. Rogers (Phila. Cty. ); Rossi v. Rossi (Phila. Cty.); Schreiber v. Schreiber (Phila. Cty.); Shellem v. Shellem (Chester Cty.); Van Alen v. Van Alen (Chester Cty.); Venuti v. Venuti (Phila. Cty.); Walling v. Walling (Mtgy. Cty.); Warner v. Warner (Del. Cty.); Williams v. Williams (Phila. Cty.); Yaller v. Yaller (Delaware Cty.); and VanBlarcom v. VanBlarcom (Mtgy. Cty.).