Jimmy Binns, 74, Makes History by Graduating from the College’s Police Academy

jbinns2By:  Anthony Twyman

Attorney Jimmy Binns did what no other person in the history of the College has done—last year, he became the oldest graduate of the College’s Municipal Police Academy at the tender age of 74.

To achieve this feat, Binns passed the Police Academy’s rigorous physical entry requirements with flying colors. He bench pressed 100 pounds and ran 1.5 miles in a little more than 15 minutes (3 minutes under what was required). Binns, who graduated on December 18, did so well that he was selected to be class lieutenant by his instructors, putting him in charge of his fellow cadets.

“It was a wonderful experience for me,” Binns said. “I learned a lot and I think I’ll be able to use it to the benefit of a lot of people.”

At the graduation ceremony, which was held at Ridley High School in Folsom, Binns received an academic achievement award for having a 98.4 percent grade point average, the highest in his class, and an “overall achievement award” from the Delaware County Police Chiefs Association. When he walked off the stage for safekeeping, he handed the awards to his grandson Jimmy Ives, 7, his granddaughter Blair Ives, 5, and his daughter Amy Binns, who were seated in the front row.

While taking his classes at night and on weekends, Binns worked full-time as an attorney in Philadelphia and continued his time-demanding schedule of heading his myriad of charitable causes, such as Holiday Meals for Heroes, the Hero Plaque Program, the Hero Thrill Show and Cops Wheels Inc., which provides equipment for police departments.

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