Family Law

Mr. Binns is an active practitioner of Family Law. He has represented parties in the following divorce cases:

Ives v. Ives, Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Family Law Division, No. 04-24155; Rossi v. Rossi, Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County,Pennsylvania, Domestic Relations Division, No. 06-04067; Commonwealth ex rel. Dyniewski v. Penske, 233 Pa. Super. 731, 339 A.2d 540; Commonwealth ex rel. Peditto v. Peditto, 217 Pa. Super. 741, 268 A.2d 189; Luongo v. Luongo, Pa. Super., Oct 1977 No. 657; Kavanagh v. Kavanagh, 522 Pa. 619, 563 A.2d 888 (Table) Pa. Jul 31, 1989; Amsterdam v. Amsterdam (Mtgy. Cty.); Bell v. Bell (N.Y.); Bergese v. Bergese (N.J.); Boudreau v. Boudreau (Mtgy. Cty.); Bradshaw v. Bradshaw (Mtgy. Cty.); Cavanaugh v. Cavanaugh (Phila. Cty.); Chandor v. Chandor (Bucks Cty.); Curran v. Curran (Mtgy. Cty.); Currie v. Currie (Phila. Cty.); Curry v. Curry (Phila.Cty.); Dilsheimer v. Dilsheimer (Mtgy. Cty.); Discher v. Discher (Phila. Cty.); Donahue v. Donahue (Del. Cty.); Donahue v. Donahue (Phila. Cty.); Epstein v. Epstein (Phila. Cty.); Friehoffer v. Friehoffer (Phila. Cty.); Gabriele v. Gabriele (Phila. Cty.); Gallagher v. Gallagher (Phila. Cty.); Gamble v. Gamble (Phila. Cty); Hagerty v. Hagerty (Bucks Cty.); Hartzell v. Hartzel (Lancaster Cty.); Horan v. Horan (Phila. Cty.); Hunter v. Hunter (Mtgy. Cty.); Ives v. Ives (Mtgy. Cty.) ;Keane v. Keane (Mtgy. Cty.); Lloyd v. Lloyd (Mtgy. Cty.); Luongo v. Luongo (Phila. Cty.); Maguire v. Maguire (Phila. Cty.); McGinley v. McGinley (Del. Cty.); McVaugh v. McVaugh (Phila. Cty.); O’Malley v. O’Malley (N.Y.); Peditto v. Peditto (Phila. Cty); Penske v. Penske (Mtgy. Cty.); Pew v. Pew (Mtgy. Cty.); Poole v. Poole (Chester Cty.); Rease v. Rease (Mtgy. Cty.); Robinson v. Robinson (Chester Cty.); Rogers v. Rogers (Phila. Cty. ); Schreiber v. Schreiber (Phila. Cty.); Shellem v. Shellem (Chester Cty.); Van Alen v. Van Alen (Chester Cty.); Venuti v. Venuti (Phila. Cty.); Walling v. Walling (Mtgy. Cty.); Warner v. Warner (Del. Cty.); Williams v. Williams (Phila. Cty.) and Yaller v. Yaller (Delaware Cty.).